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League Page

With a click on “League Table” in the navigator you switch to the League Page.

The league page has 3 tabs:

  • Overview
  • Current Season
  • Ratings


League Overview

The overview tab gives you (surprisingly) a short overview of your current league. You see the current league table, the last and the next matchday, and also a chart with the league position changes.

League Table

Above the league table you are able to change the displayed matchround and also the season so you could see the details of a previous week. Green and red coloured lines show the league positions of promotion and relegation. Matchround

Click on a match to see the details.

League chart

Shows the league positions of previous matchdays.

Current Season

This tab shows you more details about the current season.

League Table

Above the league table you could again select a previous seaon if you like to. The league table shows additional columns for your home and away statistics. You could click on any column header to sort the table, e.g. click on Home points to see which team is unbeatable at home.

Season matches

Here you see all the scheduled matches for the selected season. Click on any match to see more details. See the matches page for closer information.


See the ratings of your league teams for the played matches.

League Table

Get a detailled overview of the ratings of your league mates. Which team has the best defense? Best Offense? Just click on any column header to change the sorting. As you see the table contains 2 parts, 'Averages' and 'Highest'.

Ratings Charts

Gives you a fast overview of the average ratings.

Season matches

Here you find a statistic for all matches with the detailled ratings, including the played formation and tactic.

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