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Click on “Next Matches” on the navigator to switch to the Matches Page. It has 3 tabs at the top:

  • Latest Matches
  • Next Opponent
  • Lineup Assistant

Latest Matches

See details about your already completed matches. By default, your last match opens. You find details about the match date (move your mouse to the calendar icon to see the exact time), the weather and the match type (league, cup, friendly). To see the details of another match you could use the arrow icons just below the team names. You could see the previous or next match of the home team and of course also of the away team. Take care: If the selected match is not yet retrieved from it will be done now, this might take some seconds.

Summary tab

The summary tab shows all the match events. On the right you find a summary display all goals, chances, red and yellow cards and injuries. Below that you 2 bars show the percentage of ball possession during half 1 and 2.

Ratings tab

The ratings tab shows a comparison of the ratings of home and away team. The first group of bars shows the team positions compared to each other, e.g. right defense compared to right defense. The second group of bars shows the team positions compared as they met in the match, e.g. right defense against left offense.

Lineups tab

Here you see a graphical overview of each player, including the position and the stars. Below the chart you find a table with all the players, again including position and stars.

Next Opponent

On this tab you could check the last matches of your next opponent. You have a drop-down list where you could select any other opponent of the next weeks, or yourself if you want to see your own ratings. If not all 20 matches are displayed they are probably not yet downloaded to Hatcoach. Just click on the download icon to get the latest matches.

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Lineup Assistant

The lineup assistant should help you finding the best lineup for your next match. At the top you could select which players to be used for the lineup, especially exclude

  • players which are injured or booked (e.g. red card) for next match
  • players who already played this week
  • players who already played this week on a trainings position.

The position display is quite the same as in You could select the player for each position. The number behind the player name indicates the skills of the players for this position. Higher ratings are of course better ;-)

Additionally an often requested feature has been added: The Auto Lineup. You will find a dropdown list in the upper left corner of the lineup assistant. You could select the priority of the team parts, e.g. 'MF - Off - Def' means that first the midfielders and wingers are computed, then the forwarders and in the end your defense. A Multiskill player might be the best choice as inner midfielder and also as forward, but with selecting 'MF - Off - Def' he will be set as inner midfielder. Please take care: The Autolineup does not override any already selected players. So this way it's possible e.g. for a wing trainer to first set his winger trainees on the wing positions and then select Auto-Lineup so all other positions are filled automatically. If you want to set an auto lineup for your whole team, please select 'Clear Lineup' first.

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