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Dear all,

as Hatcoach is a centrally stored manager tool, request for resources (hard disk, memory) is rising, and hosting isn't as cheap as PHP-Hosting. Therefore I would like to present you the new licensing model:


1 month - 2 €

12 month - 18 € (pay 9 months and get 3 months free)

Try before you buy

Of course you should not buy a pig in a poke. Every manager could test Hatcoach for 16 weeks (= 1 hattrick season) free of charge. Check whether you like this tool or not. After that period you have to decide. If you want to continue using Hatcoach you have to pay for it, see above. Otherwise you don't have to do anything, but of course you cannot login at Hatcoach anymore.

Get free periods

There will be several options how to get some free periods for Hatcoach, e.g. of course a free lifetime license if you translate Hatcoach into your language. There will be several other options how to get some free weeks:

  • Use as Homepage in Hattrick.

Hattrick Supporters are allowed to enter a homepage. Use or your individual hatcoach subdomain (e.g. or your homepage and you will get 4 weeks free! You could set your own subdomain name of the settings page of Hatcoach.

  • Use Facebook App

Users who like Hatcoach on Facebook will get another 4 weeks of free usage of Hatcoach. See Facebook Help page for details.

  • Write a review

You have a blog, homepage, whatever? Write a review about Hatcoach. No matter whether you like or dislike it, you will get 1 season hatcoach license for free! Just use the feedback icon on and send the link to your review and you will get 1 season free.

Why pay for it?

Nowadays there is very good software given away for free, like Firefox, Thunderbird,, FileZilla, Notepad ++, 7-zip, DokuWiki and lots more. Even though it's free, there are of course costs for the development, and in most cases lots of hours, days, … Justin Vincent wrote down some very good reasons why it's good to pay for software. Have a look at this list “Why it's good to pay for software”:

  • The team behind the software is more likely to stay in business and keep the product live
  • You will get preferred support from the team who make the product
  • The team behind the software will feel appreciated and more passionate about improving it
  • You will see more value in the software because you paid for it
  • You will have a bigger voice in the direction and new features of the product
  • Your SMALL payment will make a BIG psychological difference to the team. A happy team makes better software.
  • You will (most likely) feel a sense of good karma about rewarding the team for their good work
  • Your money will be re-invested in better resources thus improving performance
  • If you rely on the software it’s better for you if the company behind it is well funded
  • Hosting on is not as cheap as simple PHP. Currently I'm at 20 € per Month just for the server, and as the database grows this might be increasing soon


What to do with the money? First I'll of course pay the bills for the server. From the rest I will donate most of the money to a charity organisation, e.g. Willich - Zogoree, or to the developers of some Favorite Tools I use frequently. And the final rest of the money I will save e.g. for upgrading the server, memory, hard disk etc. as soon as necessary.

Donations so far

23. April 2010: 250,- € for Regenbogenland, a childrens hospice in Duesseldorf (Germany).

30. November 2010: 150,- € for Willich Zogoree Partnership. Zogoree is a department of Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world.