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The Team Squad page gives you details about your current players.


On the overview page you see a list of all your current players. You see

  • shirt number
  • name
  • flag of home country
  • training percentage of current week:
    • 0% means that the player has played this week but not on a trainings position
    • 100% means he played 90 minutes on a full trainings position
    • any percentage in between means that he played on a half training position (e.g. wingers when training play making) or was substituted or booked, or a combination of both of course.
    • if there is no percentage the player has not played this week yet.
  • icons if the player is injured, on transfer market or has yellow or red card.
  • age in Years and Days (format is: Year.Days, e.g. 23.102 means 23 years and 102 days)
  • Hattrick Skills (Leadership, Experience, Form, Stamina, Goalkeeping, Playmaking, Scoring, Passing, Winger, Defending, Set Pieces)
  • TSI (Total Skill Index)
  • Weekly Salary (including 20% bonus for foreign players)

You can click on any column header to sort them ascending or descending. You might notice different colours in the grid. They indicate ups (green) and downs (red) compared to the last trainings update. You can click on any player name to see the details player page.


The trainingsupdate tab contains 4 more tabs: Trainingsupdate, Formupdate, TSIupdate and Summary overview.


This chart displays all changes since last trainingsupdate. Subskills are of course computed. Skillups could be identified easily with the green mark around it. This chart shows only updates, so mainly your trainees which played on your trainingspositions last week, and of course all other skillups (osmose / passiv training) and skilldowns (age).


Formupdate shows all your players, regardless whether there was a formupdate for a player or not. Updates are displayed in green (form up) and red (form down) color.

TSI update

This chart shows all your players, regardless of any TSI changes. As usual, updates are displayed in green (TSI up) and red (TSI down) color.


This tab shows a summary of all three tabs: Skillupdate, Formupdate and TSIupdate. There is no animation on current page so this might be the preferred page once you have already watched the update for current week.


The trainingsforecast gives you a graphical overview of your players skillups if they play on a 100% training position the next weeks. All players under 26 years are displayed here, not only your trainees, because maybe you want to give one of your midfielders an extra defender training because a skillup is expected to be just 1 training away. For each player the line starts with his current skill. Then after some weeks it should change to the next level. This skillup should happen if the player plays each week on a 100% training position.


On the players tab you see the details of your players, one by one. You have a dropdownlist at the top, sorted by shirt number.

General data

In the upper left you see the general data of your player, like player ID, shirt number, home country, age, leadership, salary and so on.

Last matches

In the upper right you see a chart of the last 10 matches of the selected player. The stars and the form are displayed there. Move your mouse into the chart to get more details about the match.


Middle left you see the current skills of your player, like form, experience, stamina and so on.

Best positions

Middle right you see a polar chart showing the best positions of a player. Move your mouse on any on the points to get more details about the position and the rating.

All matches

In the lower left you see all the matches the player has played for your team, including date, opponent, position and stars.

Transfer History

The transfer history is seperated into 2 tabs: The overview and the comparison.

Transfer Overview

The overview simply displays all your transfers, bought and sold. There is nothing special here, it's just a list.

Transfer Comparison

The transfer comparison might be a good tool for you to find the most efficient transfer (from the financial point of view). You see the skills of your players when you bought them, and when you sold them. In the third line you see a summary of the changes. Of course you also see the players age and how long they stayed in your time. And in the last column you see the total profit and the profit per week. So here you could see your best transfers easily, and you could adjust your training to get the best benefit. The comparison only shows players when

  • you bought and sold them (otherwise it's not possible to compute a benefit if you don't have these 2 prices)
  • you download data frequently (at least 10 days after you bought the player, otherwise the retrieved data might not be the same as when you bought the player. does not provide historical player data, so it's important to get the player data asap. It's best to download data from after you bought a player and before a trainingsupdate)

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